The isolators are demanded in the industrial sector in order to sperate the wrong or error section of an essential device or working as an airtight barrier between operator and the product.
Gang Operated Air Break Switches
The gang operated air break switches are demanded in the electrical conductors for provides breaks to the power line systems. They are made up of strong quality and safe core material.
Dropout Fuse Cum Isolator
The dropout fuse cum isolator is an industrial device that helps in providing high level of safety to the users. It provides the network isolation points.
G.O & D.O Combined Sets
G.O & D.O combined sets are used in the electrical circuits for connection and breakage of the current. The sets are popular in the electrical industries, owing to their high efficiency and working principle.
H.T. & L.T. Line Equipments
The H.T & L.T. line equipment are the devices which have high tension voltage and low tension voltage respectively. These are the transmission line with lots of beneficial properties, making the working smooth.

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