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Rama Engineering Works is a renowned brand in switchgear and electrical equipment. Since 1944, we have provided high-voltage air-break isolators, fuse sets, G.O. switches, foundation anchor bolts, and other line equipment. We have become the most desired in its field with a highly motivated workforce and continual technology investments. Our products' impeccable quality, great efficiency, and consistent performance make them popular nationwide. We study evolving market demands and design products with creativity and improvisation. Modern tools and equipment help us provide the greatest items for our customers. Our colossal shop floor integrates product manufacture, assembly, testing, and finishing. Our innovative and skilled engineers work around the clock to develop new products. Our high-quality storage, material handling, and packing facilities help all processes run smoothly. We build masterpieces by using our knowledge and skills.

Key Facts of Rama Engineering Works:

Business Type

Manufacturer and Supplier

Primary Competitive Advantages

  • Competitive Prices
  • Quality Products
  • On-time Delivery
  • Trusted Services
  • Customer Satisfaction


Year of Establishment


No of Production Lines


OEM Service Provided


Monthly Production Capacity

As per requirement


Central Power Research Institute (CPRI)

Product Range

  • Isolators
    • 11 KV Double Break Isolator (200A, 400A, 630A, 800A)
    • 33 KV Double Break Isolator (400A, 630A, 800A, 1250A)
    • 145 KV Double Break Isolator (800A, 1250A, 1600A)
  • Gang Operated Air Break Switches
    • 11 KV Single Break Switches (200A, 400A, 630A)
    • 22 KV Single Break Switches (200A, 400A, 630A)
    • 33 KV Single Break Switches (200A, 400A, 630A)
  • Drop Out Fuse Sets
    • 11 KV Drop Out Fuse Sets (100A, 200A)
    • 33 KV Drop Out Fuse Sets (100A, 200A)
    • 33 KV Fixed Barrel Fuse Sets (100A, 200A)
  • Drop Out Fuse cum Isolator
    • 11 KV Fuse Cutout (100A, 200A)
    • Triple Pole Manually Operated Switches
    • 11 KV TDMO (200A)
    • G.O / D.O Sets (Switch Fuse Units)
    • 11 KV G.O.D.O Combined Set (200A, 400A) without LA
    • 11 KV G.O.D.O Combined Set with LA (200A, 400A)
  • Foundation Anchor Bolts
    • 25 mm dia
    • 28 mm dia
    • 32 mm dia
    • 40 mm dia
  • H.T. & L.T. Line Equipments
  • Changeover Switches
    • 11 KV Changeover Switch (200A, 400A, 630A)
    • 22 KV Changeover Switch (200A, 400A, 630A)
    • 33 KV Changeover Switch (200A, 400A, 630A).


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